The only BuddyPress theme you need to create a dating website and manage your community!

What Can You Expect?

5 Beautiful Demos to Get Your Project Started

Member Directories

Create Custom Views for Your Member Directory

You can create custom views to display your users using various criterias: most active, latest registration, random and many more! You can also filter these views with the power of BuddyPress custom fields.

Member Groups

Create Custom Views for Your Member Groups

Creating custom views for your group listings is also very easy! Order your community groups by activity, popularity or by date and create a real dating platform!

Redesigned Member & Group Profiles

BuddyPress Profiles Matching the Latest Design Trends

Gwangi has beautiful and ergonomic member and group profiles.
This allows you to introduce your community members in the best and most appealing way possible.

Profiles Matchmaking

Bring People Closer Using BuddyPress Custom Fields

Your members can browse through the various profiles on your dating platform and see how much they match with each other based on their BuddyPress custom fields. A good way to bring people closer as a community!

Monetize Your Platform

Manage User Memberships & Subscriptions

Gwangi is fully compatible with WooCommerce, WooCommerce Memberships and WooCommerce Subscriptions. You will be able to charge for memberships, configure recurring payments and restrict access to your website, making your platform appealing and exclusive.