Installing Required Plugins

To enjoy the major features seen in the demo website, you will be invited to install the plugins we have curated and recommended for your theme. You can either install some or all of them. Visit {{TGMPA_INSTALL_PLUGINS}} and select which plugins you would like to install. We recommend the bulk installation of all the recommended plugins. Once […]

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Finishing BuddyPress Setup

Heads up! Make sure BuddyPress is installed first! Please make sure you have BuddyPress installed and activated before creating the registration and activation pages. If you haven’t already done so, you still can install this plugin before proceeding to the following steps. Generating Default XProfile Fields When using BuddyPress with Gwangi, you can generate default […]

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Going Further With Your Gwangi Theme

Read the Full Documentation Online The complete Gwangi support documentation is available online. You will find answers for frequently asked questions and tutorials to go further with your new theme. Finally, if you are looking for help, you can also post your questions in our support forum. Full Documentation → Have a Look at the Support […]

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